In our last post, we discussed why you should never hire storm chasers to repair your roof. Today, we discuss what you should do instead: hire a professional, local roofing company to address your roofing repair needs

Canridge Roofing In Regina Weather Damage

The following are some of the things that you can expect when you work with experienced professionals:

Long-Term Roofing Solutions

Professionals have the proper training, license and insurance. They will ensure that any work done on your roof will comply with local building codes and that the repair work will not affect your existing roofing warranty and insurance coverage. Our own contractor insurance covers accidental property damage or worksite injuries.

Another reason to work with fully licensed and insured roofers is that in the event that the repair work is not up to par, you’re more likely to be covered by a workmanship warranty.

Rapid Response

Sometimes the storm damage is so severe that repair work cannot wait until the morning. At Canridge Roofing Inc., we have a rapid response team that can respond to your roofing emergency, even in the middle of the night. Once you call us for assistance, we will head to your place immediately, provide emergency repairs and roofing, then conduct a thorough inspection and investigation once the storm subsides.

Assistance With Filing Insurance Claims

In addition to emergency roof repairs, professionals can accurately document the roofing damage for insurance purposes. Time is critical in these situations, as volunteers may already begin clearing the streets before you get the opportunity to take pictures of the damage. By having professional roofers onboard early on, you can be confident that your insurance provider will receive accurate information.

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Handling Storm Damage Part 2: Work With Legitimate Roofers